“We have truly become a global economy.  Social media and technology have paved the way for us to conduct business overseas as easily as doing so in our hometown.  The GFC2017 Conference & Expo provides essential education and training for all global businesspeople to succeed.”  – Elinor Stutz, www.smoothsale.net

Shiny Burcu Unsal

Creator of Be-Live in U; Licensed NLP Trainer; Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Instructor, UCLA Extension; and an Executive Coach



Prior to owning her mission to make people SHINE, Shiny Burcu Unsal worked at multinational advertising agencies like McCann Erickson and Ogilvy to make several Fortune 500 brands like Coca Cola, AVON, BP, Gillette, Audi, etc. shine!   And today, through her online videos, books and NLP trainings at Be-Live in U, and her Leadership and Emotional Intelligence classes she teaches at UCLA Extension, she makes thousands of personal brands like the ones who work at IBM, Disney, Clear Channel and American Express shine!
Her educational background includes a BS in International Relations from METU, an Award in General Business Studies with Concentration in Marketing from UCLA Extension, an Executive Education Award in Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations from Harvard Business School and another BS, MS and an ongoing PhD in Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Metaphysics. Shiny Burcu Unsal also had the privilege of working with the best names in the personal development and success studies such as Dr. Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Adam Markel, Bill Walsh and Robert Kiyosaki.
Having touched thousands of people’s lives from all over the world with her passion for change and growth, Shiny Burcu Unsal has been featured on numerous international TV interviews, newspapers, magazines and radio shows. She has also spoken on several seminar and conference stages as a Motivational Speaker, to call out the leaders in people and empower them to let their power shine out!
Besides all these, she is a Distinguished Professional at the worldrenowned Who is Who Registry; the Official Life Coach Sponsor and the Miss Turkey Franchise Owner of the Queen of the Universe Beauty Pageant; the California Women’s Conference’s and Women Network’s Executive Director forTurkey; a Strategic Partner for Success Resources in Los Angeles and in Turkey and the selected Ambassador for Turkey for United Nations’ Olympia Awards, 7 Arts of the World.
Her first book “You are a STAR, Shine!” has been published by the biggest publishing company in Turkey, Dogan Novus, on January 1st, 2016 and it will be published in US, by Balboa Press in May 2016.

And because she Be-Live’s when we solve all the communication and behavior problems in the world, starting with the one with ourselves, this place will be a lot more SHINIER and HAPPIER place; she literally stepped up and claimed her new American name to be “SHINY”; the one who shines and makes others shine!

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