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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities


Jodi Pliszka, M.S. Innovation Expert

When we use the word “problem” our brain automatically hears, “Something is wrong that needs fixing!” and “Life isn’t as it should be, this isn’t right!” Our brain wants to fix the malfunction, and our energy is focused towards fixing the issue. This is not a very empowering state of mind. Using the word “challenge” disables negative mental messages to be sent to the brain. We recruit our inner resource and begin to view the situation as a new OPPORTUNITY. This, on the other hand, is a very empowering state of mind.

Are there blessings in your challenges?
When working on a goal, challenges are the last thing that we want to experience. (They usually mean a big delay, greater expenses, and more time.)
What if you could see your challenges in life as highly beneficial experiences, or blessings in disguise?

The right mental set can reframe the way you experience challenges.

5 questions to ask yourself when you are facing “challenges”:

1.    How can I use this experience to strengthen me?
* “Tell yourself “ I CAN HANDLE THIS CHALLENGE!”
* “This challenge is not bigger than I am!”
* “This challenge will be an opportunity for me to become stronger.
* “I have CONFIDENCE!”

2.    How I make this challenge work in my favor?
* “I can handle this challenge.”
* “I will see this challenge as an advantage.”
* “This challenge will help me find a better way in doing something!”
* “I will replace a flawed strategy with a new one!”
* “How can I use this challenge to my advantage?

3.    What can I learn from this challenge?
* “I will not view this challenge as an annoyance.”
* “I will think positively and keep an open mind.”
* “I will appreciate this experience in some way.”
* “I will look for possibilities, not inconveniences.”

4.    What would make this challenge worthwhile?
* “I will recognize wonderful benefits from this challenge.”
* “I will feel empowered by this challenge.”
* “I know I have a choice and will choose to react positively.”
* “I am in control.”
* “Every challenge holds endless opportunities.”
* “Every challenge offers unlimited blessings.”

5.    How can my challenge help others?
* “My challenge will help others, if I realize it or not.”
* “My actions impact the feelings of others.”
* “My actions impact the people around me.”
* “People may be modeling their behavior after me.”
* “Challenges will not intimidate me or slow me down.”
* “I might inspire and motivate others to face their challenges.”
* “I will experience personal growth.”

Will you take the 21 day “challenge?”
• It takes 21 days to make a good or bad behavior.
• Life changes don’t have to be complicated.
• No matter how simple they are, they won’t work, if you don’t use them!
• Simple life skills can have profound effects on your life!

Learning Objectives:

DBe the best leader you can be on the job, at home and in your community! Learn how to Turn your Obstacles into Opportunities from Jodi, a business & psychology, expert! Learn how to change your frame of mind, and focus on the positive aspects of any challenge. The better equipped you are at dealing with your own obstacles, the more successful you will be, in every aspect of your life. Audiences love hearing about Jodi’s remarkable Tragedy to Triumph stories that help jump start you to make changes in your own life. After hearing about Jodi’s journey, you will be motivated, inspired and educated to turn your life around, for the better. Jodi exudes HOPE, to all who hear her speak.  This is a must hear presentation for anyone wanting to have a healthier, happier, richer life on the job and at home.

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