“In reality, the world banking and trading systems are interdependent; this conference will strengthen our credit and finance networks and support better day to day decision-making.”   – Roger L. Torneden, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Business, Management and Legal Programs, UCLA Extension

Making Leadership Magical – The Secret Positive Approach to Leading and Winning With People


John Formica, Professional Speaker, Business Consultant and Coach, Top Selling Author

People leave managers not organizations. Your ability to get things done through others is the single most important factor in how to lead, inspire and build a successful Team.” Learn Disney’s Leadership Success strategies to immediately improve your new or existing leadership style, get your people excited, build respect, motivated, committed to excellence and achieve more success in any organization. Secrets to be an effective leader in just Five Minutes or less!

Learning Objectives:

  • Disney’s Secret to Emotionally Engage Your Staff to be Committed To Your Goal
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style and How You Can Use It to Be an Effective Leader
  • How to Measure Your Team Players to Identify the Correct Leadership Strategies for Their Success!
  • Understand the Four Reasons Why You Have Non-Performers and How to Fix Them.
  • How to Coach Others to Be More Successful.
  • Secrets to Create a “Whistle While You Work” Positive Team Environment

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