“We have truly become a global economy.  Social media and technology have paved the way for us to conduct business overseas as easily as doing so in our hometown.  The GFC2017 Conference & Expo provides essential education and training for all global businesspeople to succeed.”  – Elinor Stutz, www.smoothsale.net

Improving the Quality of your Credit Extension: Emphasizing the “P” in Preparation


Robert S. Bernstein, President of the Commercial Law League Of America and Managing Partner with Bernstein-Burkley, P.C.

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” So much in life and business is about preparation and being ready to take action. Doing the right things before you extend credit is key to a proper, profitable and enforceable credit extension. Building on more than 40 years’ experience representing lenders, vendors and other creditors in recovering delinquent debt, this session will help you put the building blocks in place to make proper and enforceable credit extension.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to think about profit and credit as interdependent.
  • Identify what decisions need to be made before doing anything.
  • Learn what documents are critical to an enforceable credit extension.
  • Find out how a couple of small provisions in the contract make a big difference in collecting.
  • Decide what documents you will need in order to make your best credit decision.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Bringing together business credit professionals worldwide. Join us and raise your corporate profile with a powerful audience of global B2B professionals from the public, private and government sectors. Please click here for more information about exhibits and sponsorships for GFC2017.

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