“Credit and finance can be like prize fighters: securitized mortgage meltdown vs. adequate bank capital or Greek Credit vs. European trade finance. This conference will help mold them as team players instead knock-out artists.” – Roger L. Torneden, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Business, Management and Legal Programs, UCLA Extension

Financial Crisis 2.0: It’s the Debt Again!


Dr. Roger L. Torneden, CFP®, CPCU, CLI-CA®, Director of Business, Management and Legal Programs, UCLA Extension

The 2007-2009 period is highly memorable whether from a mortgage securitization crisis, a real estate melt-down, unimaginable federal bail-outs (and record deficits), or a stock-market crash. The U.S. financial marketplace has since stabilized, real estate has rebounded, the federal government has over $20 Trillion of Treasury issuances (Bills, Notes, Bonds) and the stock market has hit new highs. Banks have received support to rebuild depleted capital, encouragement to “park” lendable funds in U.S. government securities (vs. lending to people and businesses), and continue to manage their vast derivative portfolios. The private sector despite historically low interest rates has avoided expansion and full-time job creation. The public sector is ham-strung by under-funded pension liabilities. Households are again adding new debt while having to “make do” with part-time rather than full-time job opportunities. What are the ingredients to the upcoming Financial Crisis 2.0? Is it imminent? What should I be looking at and, importantly, what should I do?

Learning Objectives:

  • How the Federal Reserve maintains the semblance of stabilityWhy does inflation appear under-reported? Is it? If so, why bother under-reporting?
  • Understanding why and where debt has increased and the impact on future creditworthiness
  • What small number of factors determine inflation, interest rates, and U.S. economic power? How are these factors changing and where are we headed?
  • Better understand the future risks for which you can prepare
  • And much more

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