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10 Secrets to Successful Innovation & Leadership


Jodi Pliszka, M.S. Innovation Expert

1.    Identify your true passion – renew your sense of purpose in the world and restore your hope for the future by being a “doer” – take action. Studies show that most men and women don’t like what they do: change your attitude, and you’ll change your life. Open your mind to finding new things. Don’t wait until tomorrow! Today is full of opportunity, and it’s yours if you want it!

2.    Stop talking and listen – the strongest people listen to their team members and develop their needs. Make sure you understand how times have changed: we need to listen to people that are younger than ourselves, since they are building our future of innovation, right now. Don’t expect the younger generation to adhere to the same old beliefs, business models, and corporate rules. Be smart, and take the time to understand their thought processes. At the same time, make sure you appreciate those that have more wisdom than you; after all, they may have “been there and done that” and can help get through situations easier than you anticipated.

3.    Become leaders that know how to foster innovative ideas – polish up on your skill set, and stay current. The pace of innovation is growing quickly: industries and careers are changing more rapidly now, than ever before. Medical knowledge is increasing every year. Half of what a science or technology student learns, in their freshman year in college, is out of date by the time they graduate. More than sixty five percent of preschool children will work in jobs that don’t even exist yet. Statistics like this show how knowledge is temporary and timely – we need to learn what we do for today, because the knowledge of today may not be relevant tomorrow. We need to focus on what needs to be done, rather than looking back at what was done.

4.    Have a bold, specific vision that inspires the universe – keep focused on the big picture at hand; keep focused on what new innovation can be created in our ever-changing world. Opportunity in a world that is constantly changing is limitless. New markets, business models, skills, and ways of working are everywhere. If you can shift your perspective, things will fall into place and new innovative ideas will arise.

5.    Prepare to be all consumed – give your heart and soul for success. Don’t be someone who asks “what happened?” – make things happen. Be a thinker and a doer. Learn how to analyze information and move forward with ideas. Don’t be one of the compliant people that plague our world, allow yourself to rely on gut-feelings and take a risk! Learn to rise above those that have aggressive pacificity and indecision!

6.    Turn Obstacles into Opportunities – understand how to turn everyday challenges into viable ideas and opportunities that help others. Keep your attitude positive, and focus on how to capitalize on differences, and change in the fast paced, transformative world. Don’t fear change, but search out the potential in every new situation, understanding that there an endless amounts of opportunities for growth through innovation.

7.    Be a forward thinker that is flexible– take the task at hand, and have a plan on how to get where you are going. The forward thinkers are people that take action, and fuel the spark of imagination in others. Out of 100 people with an idea, only 1 person will write down this idea.  Leaders not only write down the idea, but they are the 1 out of 100 that write down an idea and actually do something about it.  They can see the task at hand and have a plan how to get where they are going.  They are forward thinkers that take action and fuel the spark of imagination in others. They are able to learn new skill sets to keep up with the ever growing world of innovation. Their focus is on future growth opportunities. They are willing to unlearn all they know and learn things a different way. They don’t fear change, but possess the knowledge to enthusiastically turn challenges into new opportunities.  They learn more complex skills to enhance their ability to keep up with the times and understanding their customer’s needs.

8.     Try to view the world from a different perspective – focus on corporate agility. Be creative and learn how to ebb and flow with constant changes, altering your thinking as you move forward in life. Always try to look for the new and improved way to complete tasks. This way of thinking allows you to create new ideas and innovations, continuously.

9.     Try to ignite passion in others – work hard to be a leader in your community, and inspire others with your ideas and actions, fueling the need for thought in the community. Become not only a professional thinker, but an action taker. Teach others to change their vocabulary, and focus on how things work, rather than how they won’t work.

10.     Thrive on diversity – pad yourselves with diverse individuals to expand your knowledge base, understanding that others, who are different, have unique ways of thinking about things. Never stop looking for new innovative ideas and don’t ever be afraid to stand out among your peers.

Learning Objectives:

Your investment in this class will pay off right away by making it easier for you to propagate new ideas that unleash lasting business and personal growth-now more than ever! Jodi delivers immediately actionable, expert innovation and leadership strategies and tactics to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition! After all, how much is “being the best you can be” worth to your company? Be the best leader you can be on the job, at home and in your community! Jodi’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect with her audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level. She brings the audience into the stories, transporting the crowd on an unforgettable journey. Jodi has real-life, in-the-trenches business and personal experiences, her views are radically different than most. FACT: Being around people that think differently is the diversity that powers innovation, success and personal growth. Jodi ignites passion by cultivating critical thinking skills; allowing you to reach your untapped potential.

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