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April 2018

Industry Leading Conference Threatening Exhibitors!

It has been reported that, very recently, officials from an "annual industry leading conference" have been allegedly covertly threatening their own event exhibitors against exhibiting at the newly formed GFC2017 Global Finance and Credit Management Conference and Expo scheduled for this Fall in Schaumburg Illinois. These officials allegedly approached exhibitors at their own recent conference and threatened them warning that if they did not withdraw as an exhibitor from the new event in an attempt to suppress that new competing event that "...you will suffer severe consequences."

"I (we) absolutely refuse to be bullied by (this organization)!" said the anonymous exhibitor.

"They are obviously trying to create a monopoly on these conferences and expos and feel as though these gangster tactics are an effective and appropriate persuasion method to suppress the competition."

"They obviously feel challenged and threatened by the GFC2017 Global Finance and Credit Management Conference and Expo making it all that more appealing to myself and my organization. We intend to help grow this new event as a preferred exhibitor and we highly recommend that other exhibitors consider doing the same."

This non-profit organization professes to be the "... advocate for business credit and financial management professionals". By attempting to suppress any new competing event organization, they are effectively conveying to the world that only their paid membership ranks and the association's continued survival appear to be their prime concerns.

This group has also effectively blocked all references to the GFC2017 Global Finance and Credit Management Conference & Expo on all of the LinkedIn sites that they manage and control thus effectively keeping specifically commercial credit management professionals from having access to the event and the subject matter.

Are you going let this group dictate your company's future conference and expo plans?

COME JOIN US AS A NEW PREFERRED EXHIBITOR/PARTNER and send a message to all global finance and credit management professionals that your business actually is an advocate for global finance and credit management professionals worldwide.


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