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Are trade shows a good investment?

Posted By Kevin Fett Date May 11 2017

Over 165 years ago, in Hyde Park, England, dozens of exhibitors gathered at the stunning Crystal Palace to show off their wares. Known as The Great Exhibition of 1851, it was the first international show of manufactured goods, and the event officially marks the birth of the trade show.

It’s no surprise that trade shows have thrived ever since. In fact, revenue from domestic trade shows hit $12.6 billion in 2015, and there are over 250 venues supporting this spend in the US alone. As this industry continues to evolve, and technology is added to the booth space, the question may arise if trade shows are still a good investment. For those of us who have been in the industry for a long time, the answer is a resounding yes. There are many reasons for investing in trade shows, and here a just a few to consider.

People crave face-to-face engagement: Even with the use of digital technology in the booth space, the fact remains that attendees still wish to have interaction in the physical space. Face-to-face engagement allows connection with others, and there will always be a need for that type of communication. Meetings and events provide a venue for face-to-face engagement, and a structured environment to promote those interactions.

Many products still need to be seen: As attendees want to interact with one another, they also want to interact with the products themselves. Many products need to be touched and used in order for an attendee to be comfortable with purchase, especially shopping business to business. A show floor is a perfect place to see many products at once, to compare products side-by-side, and to handle business transactions quickly and in person. Sometimes a handshake on a deal is hard to beat.

The industry continues to evolve and improve: One of the reasons marketers come back to trade shows is that the industry is constantly evolving and providing new opportunities for engagement. There have been modifications of booth engagement with technology, new structure with educational tracks, and an overwhelming investment by cities across the US to improve and redesign convention centers to make spaces flexible, green, and tech-savvy. 

A trade show is more than selling: While trade shows are for selling, they are also for education and networking. Attendees want to meet with like-minded members of their industry and connect and discuss trends and topics. And they also want to use a condensed amount of time to learn more about new topics and ideas through educational sessions. All of this is accomplished at a conference, and in just a few days.


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