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April 2018

Creative Sponsorships to Increase Event Revenue

Event professionals know all too well the pressure to increase revenue each year. Budgets get tighter, costs are cut and yet the attendee experience is expected to improve – and so is attendance!

So how do organizers balance this list of competing priorities while still increasing event revenue?

One solution is to find additional revenue where no one is looking. You do NOT have to be a big national brand name like Pepsi, or McDonald or other huge corporate icons to get some brand awareness on a very limited budget!

For instance, by adding a few creative sponsorships as we have made available, exhibitors/sponsors can generate extra brand awareness and revenue without compromising the attendee experience. These kinds of sponsorships can fund other aspects of our meeting which you would not be able to afford otherwise. Just think about sponsoring our the keynote and general speakers, our educational session speakers, our pre-dinner receptions, our theme dinners and scores of other sponsorships! Check our our exhibitor/sponsor prospectus for more great sponsor ideas.

If this has your wheels turning, then perhaps you should give these sponsorships a try:

Badge Sponsorships

This one is straightforward and simple. By adding a sponsorship logo to each attendee badge, you can sell a “badge sponsorship.” Implementing this is easy and can be done when the badges are printed. No extra work required! All that’s needed is the sponsoring company’s logo.

You can even have multiple badge sponsors if each sponsor wants to target a different segment of registrants. For instance, at a Solar Panel Conference, one sponsor may want to advertise only on the badges of “solar panel engineers” while another sponsor may want to advertise on the badges of “solar panel sales executives.” This allows you to charge more than one sponsorship fee.

Self-Check-in Kiosk Sponsorship

Adding self-check-in kiosks to your on-site registration can dramatically improve the attendee experience by expediting the check-in process and reducing or eliminating lines. This is also a great place to offer a sponsorship. On each kiosk screen, you can highlight a sponsor using the sponsor’s logo and/or text saying something like “(Company Name) is the Official (Kiosk) Sponsor of the (Name of Event).”

Registration Check-in Screen Frames Sponsorship

Our clients came up with this one and we think it’s pretty creative! By adding a foam frame around each check-in screen, you can sell a screen frame sponsorship. Allow your sponsor to design the graphics and message for the kiosk and then have the frames made at a local printer or office supply store.

Lanyard Sponsorship

Lanyard sponsorships offer companies exposure to all your conference attendees. By offering a lanyard sponsorship, you can offset the costs of the lanyards and add extra revenue to your bottom line.

WiFi Sponsorship

Attendees love free WiFi and if you need help covering the cost, create a WiFi sponsorship. Print an extra ticket out with attendee badges that advertise the WiFi network and password. Include the sponsorship logo and the company’s website. 

Charging Station

Many people run out of battery power on their phone or device while attending a conference. Help your attendees out by placing charging stations in and around your conference session rooms and the exhibit hall. Each charging station can be branded by a sponsor. By offering charging stations, your attendees will know you care about their needs and you will make money doing it.


 Fellow Partners Share Their Expectations for the GFC2017 Conference & Expo……..

and why they will return year after year:

“We have truly become a global economy.  Social media and technology  have paved the way for us to conduct business overseas as easily as doing so in our hometown.   The GFC2017 Conference & Expo provides essential education and training for all global business people to succeed.”  Elinor Stutz, www.smoothsale.net 

 “Finally, a conference for the credit manager!  The industry has been crying out for this for years and at long last an event for credit managers from around the world. I have absolutely no doubt this will be the event of 2017 and for many, many years thereafter.” – Colin Sanders M.C.I.C.M. F.A.C.P., Head of UK Operations, Graydon UK Ltd

  “In reality, the world banking and trading systems are interdependent; this conference will strengthen our credit and finance networks and support better day to day decision-making.” – Roger L. Torneden, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Business, Management and Legal Programs, UCLA Extension 

"As movers and shakers, we owe it to ourselves to get involved with today's ever changing global world, to better lead our communities. And what a better way to do it than becoming a part of GFC 2017 Conference & Expo? I expect nothing less than a world class conference, top level exhibition and state of the art training from GFC. And that's exactly why GFC is a platform for the leaders, movers and shakers! Look forward to seeing you there!" ~ Shiny Burcu Unsal, www.Be-LiveinU.com 



Finally, there is a conference and expo that provides the kind of exceptional value that Exhibitors should expect. Don't miss out on this extraordinary VALUE.

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