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April 2018


Just imagine if
$5,000,000(that's 5 MILLION)

worth of new business prospects just walked up to your booth.

"Like any event technology though, it’s important that virtual and augmented reality (AR) are aligned with event goals and are not simply a shiny distraction. If utilized properly, virtual experiences should seamlessly integrate into the event and help promote unique brand connections for attendees." claims Jesse Johnson is a Marketing Specialist and Blogger at Meeting Tomorrow, a full-service event technology partner to businesses and meeting planners around the country.

"The most successful examples of VR at events are those events that have been able to seamlessly integrate it into the brand experience as a major part of the show. If you have an intriguing reason to use VR and you know your audience is adventurous, they should be genuinely excited about it. When gamification is a goal for your VR solution, offering prizes is a great incentive for guests to interact with your content and share with other attendees. Similarly, creating a virtual scavenger hunt is a fun option to promote interaction and generate some buzz for your booth. If size and scope are vital to the user experience, VR might be the best way to go. In the same way, if you’re looking to completely immerse people in another environment, virtual reality will have a far greater effect than showing a 3D model on a screen.

All in all, VR is an exciting technology with huge potential in the events industry. We’re only now starting to scratch the surface of virtual applications for event marketing, and as the tech improves, so will user experiences. The last few years brought about some great advancements and I’m sure we’ll see some amazing examples at events in 2017. "

At the NEW GFC2017 Global Finance and Credit Management Conference and Expo our VR showcase offer our specially selected sponsors will have the VR feed streaming on a video wall so other attendees walking by can see what you’re doing. When not in use, we will switch to a looped video preview and feature social media posts of guests who’ve visited your booth on four large video screens.

We seek ONE EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR or FOUR SEPARATE SPONSORS for each of our VR presentations with a selection of hundreds of 3-5 minute VR experiences for our attendees.

Just Dreaming?   Not if your company is already signed up to exhibit at the 1st Inaugural Annual GFC2017 Conference & Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois, August 22-25, 2017. If not, here's what you are going to miss:

When our doors open, up to as many as 1,000 qualified buyers will stream into our expo floor looking for trade show and corporate event products, services, and new suppliers. (That's you.)    

Talk about new motivated clients!   Each of those 1,000 buyers you talk with at your booth will control huge average budgets to spend on trade shows and corporate events. Collectively, they will spend huge monies on trade show and event products and services in the coming year. Does that fit your growth strategy?

Excited buyers.   Make no mistake: the NEW GFC2017 Conference & Expo puts you in front of the buyers you spend every day trying to find... motivated exhibitors from the hottest growth industries in the world: healthcare, technology, computers, software,  manufacturing, food, aerospace, construction, defense... to name just a few. Each buyer, on average, exhibits in 28 trade shows and manages 16 corporate events per year.

Are they empowered to buy?   99% have the power to make decisions, say "Yes" and sign a purchase order … And it gets better...

This is YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY! Reach out and grab it! As an exhibitor/sponsor at the GFC2017 Conference & Expo, you have exclusive access to this unique group of qualified prospects. You will see them all in just 3 days!

Fellow Partners Share Their Expectations for the GFC2017 Conference & Expo……..
and why they will return year after year:

“We have truly become a global economy.  Social media and technology  have paved the way for us to conduct business overseas as easily as doing so in our hometown.   The GFC2017 Conference & Expo provides essential education and training for all global business people to succeed.”  Elinor Stutz, www.smoothsale.net 

 “Finally, a conference for the credit manager!  The industry has been crying out for this for years and at long last an event for credit managers from around the world. I have absolutely no doubt this will be the event of 2017 and for many, many years thereafter.” – Colin Sanders M.C.I.C.M. F.A.C.P., Head of UK Operations, Graydon UK Ltd

  “In reality, the world banking and trading systems are interdependent; this conference will strengthen our credit and finance networks and support better day to day decision-making.” – Roger L. Torneden, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Business, Management and Legal Programs, UCLA Extension 



Finally, there is a conference and expo that provides the kind of exceptional value that Exhibitors should expect. Don't miss out on this extraordinary VALUE.

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