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April 2018

GFC2017 Conference & Expo Presents


We've never met someone who sat in a race car and was unhappy.  Cordell Racing's branded NASCAR Simulator will feature your company's products and services; attracting consumers and driving foot-traffic for your event booth.


Who hosted the breakfast at the last trade show event you attended? Or sponsored the lanyards? Or the snacks and refreshments, the coffee cart, the luncheons, etc... Can't remember? 

What about the trade show equipment you saw at all the different booths, do you remember how much exposure they brought into each exhibitor's booth? Which one drove the best traffic and generated the best leads?  

Our special exhibitor/sponsor, Cordell Racing, makes a point for you to remember, a point to expose you and your brand, a point to build REAL relationships with your attendees and consumers, and a point to drive traffic and generate leads. Cordell's branded NASCAR Simulators, draw in crowds that wait in line to talk to YOU; giving you the opportunity to reach, connect, and emotionally engage with potential clients while they wait. You see a direct impact from your ROI investment that creates a long lasting memorable memento that will live on as their profile image. and starts the conversation, "did you see the guys that have the NASCAR Simulator?" 

If You'd Sponsor the Coffee Cart or Water Cooler, You'll Want to Sponsor This!!


Cordell Racing's branded dual Pit Stop Tire Changing Simulator, feature's your logos and product, challenging attendees to race against the clock and against other attendees for the fastest tire changing time. This half sized NASCAR is perfect for smaller booth space and creating fun, engaging, buzz-worthy interaction!

Your Brand + Your Exposure + Your Experience = Your ROI

Stand Out! In the world of branding, consumers are bombarded with an array of choices to choose from. The harsh reality, you can get lost in that selection if you don't personally & emotionally connect with your targeted consumers as well as leave them with a lasting impression of why your message & products are important! We help to get your brand, it's message and products in the hands that you want it to be.

Cordell Racing can accommodate up to 360people/hour

That's a potential of  2,880 LEADS PER DAY!!!

Just Dreaming?   Not if your company is ready to sign up to exhibit at the 1st Inaugural Annual GFC2017 Conference & Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois, August 22-25, 2017. If not, here's what you are going to miss:

When our doors open, up to as many as 1,000 qualified buyers will stream into our expo floor looking for trade show and corporate event products, services, and new suppliers. (That's you.)    

Talk about new motivated clients!   Each of those 1,000 buyers you talk with at your booth will control huge average budgets to spend on trade shows and corporate events. Collectively, they will spend huge monies on trade show and event products and services in the coming year. Does that fit your growth strategy?

Excited buyers.   Make no mistake: the NEW GFC2017 Conference & Expo puts you in front of the buyers you spend every day trying to find... motivated exhibitors from the hottest growth industries in the world: healthcare, technology, computers, software,  manufacturing, food, aerospace, construction, defense... to name just a few. Each buyer, on average, exhibits in 28 trade shows and manages 16 corporate events per year.

Are they empowered to buy?   99% have the power to make decisions, say "Yes" and sign a purchase order … And it gets better...

This is YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY! Reach out and grab it! As an exhibitor at the GFC2017 Conference & Expo, you have exclusive access to this unique group of qualified prospects. You will see them all in just 3 days!

Fellow Partners Share Their Expectations for the GFC2017 Conference & Expo……..
and why they will return year after year:

“We have truly become a global economy.  Social media and technology  have paved the way for us to conduct business overseas as easily as doing so in our hometown.   The GFC2017 Conference & Expo provides essential education and training for all global business people to succeed.”  Elinor Stutz, www.smoothsale.net 

 “Finally, a conference for the credit manager!  The industry has been crying out for this for years and at long last an event for credit managers from around the world. I have absolutely no doubt this will be the event of 2017 and for many, many years thereafter.” – Colin Sanders M.C.I.C.M. F.A.C.P., Head of UK Operations, Graydon UK Ltd

  “In reality, the world banking and trading systems are interdependent; this conference will strengthen our credit and finance networks and support better day to day decision-making.” – Roger L. Torneden, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Business, Management and Legal Programs, UCLA Extension 



Finally, there is a conference and expo that provides the kind of exceptional value that Exhibitors should expect. Don't miss out on this extraordinary VALUE.

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